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Mullen Coins is in business to help you realize a fair value when you buy and sell your coins and currency. Many of our customers first ask us to evaluate their collections. There is no charge for an evaluation.

Located in West Michigan, we BUY US coins, World coins, US currency, full collections, bullion coins, and Mint and Proof sets. We also buy gold and silver jewelry, other sterling, and antique collectibles.

If you’re a collector, be sure to check out our substantial inventory on this website—we sell to customers throughout the nation. We also sell rare coins, bullion and currency locally, and will help with your wish list searches.

Mullen Coins’ office is conveniently located near the Gerald R. Ford Airport, and offers free parking. Call Pat for an appointment at (616) 272-4402 or send him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are here to serve you.

Member: Better Business Bureau of West Michigan (A+ rating), ANA, MSNS, CSNS, and FUN. Certified dealer with PCGS, NGC, and CAC.  

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26 November 2019
In an earlier blog we discussed coin errors, how they occur, and what makes them special. In this piece we will talk about off-metal coins, another kind of rare coin that can occur accidentally as the result of error. Finding off-metal coins can be exciting for coin collectors, and many will search ...
31 October 2019
You’ve inherited coins from a friend or relative or been gifted a coin collection. What will you do with it? That’s a very good question. We’ve talked before about whether coin collectors should leave their collections to their heirs, but if you have inherited coins and don’t know their value, it’s ...
23 September 2019
Have you considered collecting early American coins? Since there were relatively few coins minted either in or for the American colonies, they may not be as accessible as Lincoln wheat cents, but they have a rich history attached. In this blog we will examine the Baltimore coins and the very rare Ba...
30 August 2019
You have probably heard of the March of Dimes, but the origins of that organization have faded from the public’s memory. One ever present reminder is found on the Roosevelt dime - the  ubiquitous coin you use everyday to pay for small items or make change. President Franklin Roosevelt, the March of ...
31 July 2019
We’ve talked before about how coins preserve human history. They’ve been used to locate the lost location of Teutoburg Forest and determine the breadth and power of the once great Spanish Empire. Recently, a Viking coin hoard that the police seized in County Durham and Lancashire has shaken up histo...

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