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Mullen Coins Collection Blog provides valuable articles and content about coin collections, rare coins, currency, antiquities and interesting reviews of news and events within the numismatic community.

Interested in coin collecting? Learn the basics of coin collecting, coin valuation, and gain advice from top collectors.

Coins have a rich history, making collecting a rewarding hobby. Learn interesting facts about the history behind rare coins.

How much is your coin worth? Learn about the coin evaluation process, recent trends in coin prices, and how to get the most from your coin collection.

Information on recent gold prices, when to buy gold, when to sell gold, and the various factors that influence gold prices.

How much is your currency worth? Learn about currency evaluation, recent trends in currency prices, and how to get the most from your currency collection.

Learn about ancient coins from early A.D. and late B.C. centuries. These are coins used by Greeks, Romans, and other ancient civilizations.

Learn how legislation affects the price of coins & currency, how legislation can create rare coins, and other ways coins & currency are affected by legislation.

Find valuable articles and content about gold, gold collecting, what effects the value of gold, and gold prices.

Find valuable articles and content about rare coins, coin collecting, coin evaluation, and coin prices.

Find valuable articles and content about rare currency, currency collecting, currency evaluation, and currency prices.

Learn about the history behind various coins, currency, and gold. Why where they created, how where they used, and why were they important.

Learn about how to spot counterfeit coins and currency, how to avoid common counterfeits, and recent news about counterfeiting coins and currency.

Learn how coin grading works and the basics behind strike, preservation, luster, color, attractiveness, and other ways of determining a coin's condition.

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