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Mullen Coins Collection Blog provides valuable articles and content about coin collections, rare coins, currency, antiquities and interesting reviews of news and events within the numismatic community.
I have acquired numismatic expertise through decades of intense study and research. I  have visited hundreds of coin shows and shops in the quest for knowledge. During my travels, I personally witnessed unsuspecting families selling valuable coins, gold and silver at a fraction of fair value.Years ago, friends and family began asking me to evaluate... their collections, often inherited from parents, and to help them sell their collections. What started as a trickle became an avalanche, so I converted my passionate hobby into a full-time business, Mullen Coins LLC. More
 Katherine Mullen came on board in 2012 to manage the business side of Mullen Coins. Pat Mullen is Mullen Coins’ numismatist. Ride along as Katherine learns the basics of numismatics.

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